Jetlox Lion
Album "This World"
Album "Unity"
Album "This World"
Jetlox Lion recorded his first album as lead singer of the reggaeband New Sound Sistim. NSS released its first album THIS WORLD in December 2008, which was welll received by regional and national (NL) press !

CD This World

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Would you like to order the CD "This World" with 11 tracks of New Sound Sistim?

Please send an email to newsoundsistim@hotmail.com, mentioning your name, address and phone number, with "cd/this world" in the subject line.

You will receive an email with the bank account details. The CD costs 10 euro plus 2.50 mailing fee within the Netherlands (so altogether 12.50 euro). As soon as the money has been received, we will send you the CD.

One (l) New Sound Sistim

Some press quotes:

“New Sound Sistim's "This World" is a very entertaining and well produced collection
of tunes with an authentic feel and refreshing original sound. [..] Not only musically
there's a lot to enjoy, also lyrically this album has enough tunes that keep you involved
till the very end.”

“All in all a worthwhile debut set from a much promising band. Check it out!!”
- WWW.REGGAE-VIBES.COM (album review)


“Met onconventionele ideeën […] creëerden zij een nieuwe sound, terug te vinden
op dit album.
Tis even wennen…THIS WORLD OF NEW (!) SOUND SISTIM.”
- PLEASURE MAGAZINE (album review)


“New Sound Sistim.
Internationale eigen sound.
Zo af en toe kom je weer een cd tegen die je gelijk nieuwsgierig maakt. En dat was
zeker het geval bij de warme […] reggaeklanken van New Sound Sistim. En dan blijkt
achter die herkenbaar reggaegetinte naam een duo te zitten dat al jarenlang ervaring
heeft met het maken van goede muziek […]. Een gouden combinatie, zo blijkt uit de
elf killertracks op de debut-cd This World.”
- HIGHLIFE MAGAZINE (2-pages interview / album review)


"prima debutalbum ... Rap, stuiterende riddims en een warm, broeierig geluid in een
modern en kek jasje ... verfrissende reggae en dancehall ... rijke, gevarieerde sound…"
- FRET POP MAGAZINE (1-page interview / album review)